Shareit File Transfer App for Android Free Download

Shareit File Transfer App for Android Free Download latest version. Without the latest version or above 4.0; you can not connect the mobile and PC. Almost every smart user always try to install Shareit mobile phone application on their smartphones. Because it is the world’s best cross-platform data/file transfer software ever!

What about Shareit app?

#too much easy to share different files from cell device to cell devices. Also PC to cell device even!

#Best speedy way for file transfer. This app is 500% more speed than Bluetooth.

#Just install on both device and share any kinds of files and document like zip, images, videos etc. No need to connect to the internet or connecting via USB cable.

#Overall supported for all the platform such as Windows phone/Windows (7, 8, 10), MacBook, Android OS- iOS like iPhone or iPad also!

#More than 700 million people choose to download the Shareit only form Google Play Store!

New Features of Shareit Update version

Here are some most wonderful and excellent features of the recently updated/released/latest version of Shareit. Users will amazed; I’m sure!

share it featers

World’s Fastest and Speedy free file transfer

Now you can transfer files between two devices/PC, more than 250x faster than any Blooth device. The minimum file receiving/transferring speed is 5 megabytes per second. And, the maximum is more than 25 megabytes per seconds! What an amazing?

Offline File Exchange

Sharing files via Shareit in offline. No need to connect to the online or internet. So enjoy the offline downloading.

Transfer files between cross-OS

Are you worried about easily sending files between your iPhone and Windows PC/Linux PC? don’t worry, because Shareit will solve your problem of free of charge! But how? don’t know the tricks? Firstly download Shareit for your Android/iPhone device and install it on your cell phone. Now download Shareit for PC/Linux/Windows and install it on your PC. Ok, you can now share files between any other cress platforms via Shareit.

User-friendly UI (User Interface)

1.5 years old child can send or receive files between two Shareit installed devices. So easy and simple to use shareit on any device.

Supported file categories

Almost all kinds of file categories are supported. Here is some example for you:

Videos– .mkv, .mp4, .flv, 3gp and all other formats.

Audios– .mp3, .amr etc.

Images– .jpeg, .png, .gif etc

Documents– .doc, docx, all MS files, .zip and all other documents files.


Easily Clone a cell phone device

If you have to buy a new phone and now you want to install all the apps who already installed on your old phone. Getting everything from old phones such as messages, contact lists, and all others are very easy if you use the Shareit on both phone.

So don’t go away from shareit. Stay with shareit. Download shareit form our speedy server now! hot hot hot….

Download Shareit

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