Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy page of BestSmartApps.Com. By reading this important page you can understand that what kinds of information we collect from you and where we use/don’t use your personal information.

Firstly read the page of About Us. By reading the about us page; you can understand- what type of website it. If you have more questions about our privacy policy. Just contact us, please.

Information We Collect

After reading the about us page, We think you have now realized how kinds of the website this. As a smart apps sharing the website- we always try to share virus/harm free smart phone’s apps and software files.

We collect visitor’s cookies. This cookie we put on your PC/Laptop/Mobile are tiny text files, so that uniquely identify every internet browser and may be sent to every PC/Laptop/Mobile device, who visits this website. These files are saved on memory disks and connect with best smart apps’ servers only when they visiting our websites again. Basically, we use cookies for improving the user experience of To get more information about cookies please go to the official web page of cookies.

Email Collecting

We collect emails by only news latter subscription and comment from both. If you get email/news latter subscription from our website; we will send you some important news latter. But we don’t abuse your mail ID.

Device Information collect by us
Also, we collect some device information such as, what kind of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and others. Even we collect your browsers basic information.

Log Files.
We create a log file for anonymous information for the visitors to our website. Such as where a visitor came from to visit this site, IP (internet protocol) address, browser types, search terms utilized and your page view influence also!

Using Third Party Ad Networks

We love to put Google Adsense on our website. But we don’t put the Adsense code yet! also, we have not other third-party ad networks still.

Changing in Privacy Policy Page

We have reserved the right to change or update this Privacy Policy page at any time by posting a notice/without posting a notice on the website explaining that we are changing our Privacy Policy.

For more information please contact us.


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