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imo beta free calls and text Download for Android

Imo Beta Version is of doing a testing version of imo free video calls and chat’s final version for Android, iPhone, and PC. Basically, a beta period is the best time to getting some improvements the facilities for the full version’s users. This period helps an application to make himself as the top class Android application. Please download IMO beta for Android to install. And, help the IMO authority to highly update the next full version. More than 40% of regular Android IMO App users are installing beta on their cell phone. You can see how much features are enjoyable on it and how popular it is.

IMO Beta for Android

imo beta for AndroidWhy are the Android users try the beta version? do you know? I will explain the full review based news session to teach you the causes of the popularity of IMO Beta for Android. You need to know about the Android, first. Because this app is more popular in the Android community. So, I will first show some extraordinary features of the popularity of Android.

First of all, I have to say you about the number of installable Android application. In according to the latest statistics of December’17- In total  3, 500, 000 apps are uploaded to the Google Play Store for only the device OS Android. And, these apps are uploaded from the year of 2009 to the December 2017 only. Too many apps, you do not seem to get any mobile operating system without The Android. There is also some more good news for you! Here is the list of the top 5 best free instant messenger apps for Android.

Do you know? Most of them are free for download and install on Android Phones & Android Pads! However, there are some premiums premium versions. But in the free version is enough to satisfy your regular needs. Also, the premium version is helpful for the professional use and commercial use.

Android Application developers think that these free apps are most attracting elements are influenced the smartphone user to buy an Android device. These apps are created in various categories. Such as Games Category, Multimedia Category, Communication Category (message) etc.

But the category that has won almost all the Android user’s mind, it is communication category. A lot of free instant messengers are shining like a bright star in the sky of the messenger apps world at the Google Play Store.

Imo free videos calls and chat is like the moon on the star kingdom! Because almost every Android user can’t avoid the Imo application. Even though for a while, they install imo on their Android. More than 10million Android users are currently using IMO on their Android regularly.

At last total 15million, Android users are registered with their cell phone SIM number on the IMO server! And, minimum 10k peoples are daily increasing the community of IMO. 10million users are regularly using IMO of their Android. And, they are the permanent user.

But the Imo beta is now bringing out a dreamy trip in the history of instant messenger world! Is the best version for instant messaging, Audio calling, Video calling and sending multimedia messages.

Imo Beta for Android – The Features

  • In your area, their is no high-quality network like 3G or 4G? There is nothing to worry about this network matter. Because Imo beta for Android is now usable on the 2G network, even the EDGE network also!
  • HD video call is the demand of new era. Perfectly done an HD video call session from the remote place of your nearest Mobile Network Tower!
  • Connect your colleague to the office via the group chatting by imo free video calls and chat.
  • Multimedia Messages are the top important components for the freelancer. Send the multimedia files like images or videos none of the charge.
  • Need a privacy-protected call? Protect your enemy to track your calls and messages, even your Government! No one can’t see the history of connecting.
  • Keep fast Android performance. IMO is a light application for Android. It does not eat a lot of space of your RAM. An optimized app from the born!
  • Bonus features is- Save your money by sending SMS and making calls in free of charge.

Download Imo beta version for Android user. It is helpful to release a full-fill version of imo free video calls and chat. I hope within few months, this app will the best and fast video calls app for you. Share this review on your social profiles, if this helps you to find more information about imo. Thanks for visiting the Best Smart Apps.

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