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Download 360 Security Apps Antivirus for Boost & Cleaning

Download APK file of 360 security apps for your Android. 360 security app is one kind of Android Antivirus for protecting your phone and privacy from malware, spyware and all kinds of Android malicious apps & viruses. It is a free and trusted antivirus guard for Android devices. This app also works as your phones’ RAM booster and temporary unnecessary files cleaner.

A true-hearted Apps for over than 210 million Android users around the world, 360 Security is now the world’s number one exclusive internal & external memory cleaner, RAM performance booster and super fast number one antivirus application for Android. Easy to stop your background running and continuous data eating apps, Battery optimizing and charge saving mood. Save your phone from different kinds of viruses such as trojan, malware.

Download now the super fast speedy RAM, ROM, Memory cleaner with the best antivirus app that basically builds for protecting every Android Phone and Android OS based devices. Make your phone more speedy as like when you buy it from the market by one click optimization.

Download 360 Security Apps Antivirus

360 security apps logoAs a popular smart mobile OS, The Android is the most popular smartphone in all country in the world. As a result, hackers are now targeting the Android user for hacking their important information.

So Android user needs to save themselves from Android malicious developer. The 360 Security Apps is the best antivirus for protecting Android users from the hacker. So as an Android user, you should download the APK file of 360 Security Apps Antivirus as soon as possible. You shlould download the app for the official download page only. Other hands you can be cheated by hackers. So download every apps you need, only from the authorized and official download page only.

The necessity of 360 Security app?

Save yourself from any virus on your phone. Cleaning semi-virus Android apps from Android. Semi-virus means, some Android apps are always eating data and shows ads. Sometimes via clicking these apps, there are a lot of disgusting unnecessary Android apps will be installed on your phone. Protect yourself from such kind of unwanted apps.

Normally for speed boosting and cleaning, we install cleaner apps on our phones. But more apps means=slow phone. As a result, we need an all in one app who can help us massively and alternative as more than 3 apps. The 360 Security Apps is like the apps! So install 360 security as soon as possible to get more protection.

Best of Battery optimization by killing the process of background apps when a phone is sleeping. Active ultra saves mood to save battery power up to 45 percent.

Scan for viruses and delete all kinds of virus from your Android. Make you’re Android enlightened to get super performance. And, save your security by the daily scan for viruses with the 360 security apps.

Features of 360 security apps at a glance

360 security apps features

Here are the main features of the 360 security apps. You will get these features below listed. Save your phone 24hours in a day, 7 days in a week and, 360 days in a year!

Improve your Security by 360 Antivirus app

Scan the apps you have already installed on your Android. Existing apps scan features. It will be scanned your every new app and incoming files and folders. Average in every month there is an updated version released, so update 360 security app to for more secure.

Remove Temporary Files in One Tap
No new space to import new images or other files? Are your memory space is totally filled? Just need a single tap on the junk cleaner and phone optimization button. Now see the magic!

Are Apps slow down your phone performance?

Tap on the Boost speed option for instantly improve and get the highest performance of your Android’s RAM. The game booster option is the also available for playing without delaying and too much quickly.

Use some features through lock screen

The 306 security will automatically inspect your phones apps, ROM, RAM and every bit for recommending you to optimizing. Through the lock screen, users can open some important Android elements in the quickest way. The elements are using connectivity options like WiFi and Bluetooth, directly on or off the flashlight,  open the camera for one-click costing, type mobile number in dial pad etc. Set custom picture as your lock screen wallpaper only. See notification on the lock screen even! Control your media player even you have locked screen! It will inform you of various power-related notifications and more.

Easy and awesome Anti-theft option setting

Is there a possibility to lose the phone? 360 apps Anti-theft option will help you to find out a lost phone in the quickest time. Set a backup phone number and see the magic of the Anti-theft guard!

Is the CPU overload and get hotted more to more?

360 app can automatically check your CPU usages and overloaded problems. It can automatically cool down your phone’s CPU.

Built-in fingerprint lock screen

Need more safety by setting a fingerprint lock screen. Use your own fingerprint to unlock the screen. This feature is built-in in the 360 security app.

The 360 security apps are the all in one best antivirus based Android mobile phone Application. I tried my best for giving you a good review of 360 security apps. If I have written any wrong information; please inform me and make a conversation about the Antivirus.

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