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Top 5 Best Free Zombie Shooting 3D Games for Smart Phone

We all know that zombie is very dangerous of our creature but smartphone user loves to play against dangerous zombie for enjoying real zombie hunt. Android user loves to play a dangerous game of zombie shooting, adventure game etc. But they didn’t find out best zombie game for theirs.

There are thousands of games on Google play store which based on zombie games. It’s so hard to find out best zombie shooting games. So that, here we are to find out best zombie games for you which based on nice story theme. So, let’s take a look at top 5 best free zombie shooting games for android & tablets.

Review of 5 Best Free Zombie Shooting 3D Games

Zombie is a story of horror fantasy. These type of games is fictional horror story based. Maybe these games are more popular in the western culture (Europe). By the way, I collect the best 5 of them. See what your choice. Let’s go>


DEAD TRIGGER 2 for AndroidIt’s the most popular zombie games in smartphone users. The Dead Trigger 2 provides unbelievable zombie hunting tournaments. The concept of this game is simple, the dangerous zombie’s community wants to be destroyed the beautiful city. You have to survive and survive city peoples from the zombie. You must be destroyed zombie’s community for saving the city and peoples. For killing the zombie community you can get 37 powerful weapons, reward, upgradable weapons and more features.

Dead Trigger 2 Features:

  1. Fight against global zombie
  2. Ultimate battle survive
  3. You can travel across 10 regions in different parts of the word
  4. Battle in 33 unique location
  5. Fight with 37 powerful weapons
  6. You can explore multiple locations
  7. Allow reward achievements for everyone
  8. Excellent weapons for zombie shooting

The Walking Dead: Season One

The Walking Dead Season One for AndroidThis game based on the zombie apocalypse. The story takes a place of humanity. The dangerous zombie’s community tries to be killed city peoples and humanity, otherwise, the hero of this game want to survive life and try to survive city peoples from the dangerous zombie. For killing a zombie and survive peoples, you’ve to run, run and run into the dead path. This game allows different character which depends on your path and action. You can change your character, dialog, and scenes. You’ll get more power to kill zombie’s community.

The Walking Dead Feature:

    1. You can change your character
    2. Fight with actual zombies
    3. You can change your story and path
  1. Powerful weapons for killing zombie

Into the Dead:

Into the Dead games for AndroidReally into the Dead is awesome survival game from the zombie apocalypse. The zombie’s hunter everywhere to destroying the peoples. Into the dead dropping you into the unending area where zombie’s community ready to kill. For survive and killing a zombie, you’ll get a short gun, grenades, miniguns, chainsaw, short guns and more. You can use different tools for continuing your running, it depends on your position. Into the dead provides different mini goals and challenges for overcome and play next goal.

Into The Dead Features:

  1. Stunning visual
  2. Nice gaming music
  3. Powerful weapons like the short gun, grenades, mini-guns, chainsaw, short guns and more.
  4. Long-term challenge and mini goals

Dead Trigger:

Dead TriggerThe Dead Trigger game based on the amazing story with random chance, endless abilities, and mission. The dangerous zombie’s community tries to be killed city peoples but you have to run and explore the city for surviving and protect the heaven. Your target from mission to mission, it involves to face to face war with zombies and shoot away the zombie’s head. You will get more power to kill zombie’s community.

Dead Trigger Features:

  1. Excellent music soundtrack
  2. Unlimited random missions
  3. Realistic shooter weapons
  4. Powerful gadgets like radar, baits, blade chopper, mines, grenades, and more
  5. Beautiful environments
  6. Adventure mission

SAS: Zombie Assault 3

SAS Zombie Assault 3This game is extremely adventure zombie shooting game. SAS game allows you to play 3 different game mode like the onslaught, purge, and apocalypse. Zombie Assault 3 dropping you into the darkness mission where zombie played against you. You run around small maps and kill zombies for next level. This game provides a lot of mission to gain experience and quickly level up. For defeat zombie’s community, you’ll get 43 up-gradable special weapons to help you to be a super soldier and stuff.

SAS Features:

  1. About 43 up-gradable weapons
  2. You can fight in 20 locations
  3. You can upgrade your 50 ranks like squad leader, sergeant, warrant officer etc.
  4. Awesome boots
  5. About 12 relentless zombie types
  6. Different hazards

Final Verdict – Thanks for Visiting Best Smart Apps

There are hundreds zombie shooting games on Google Play which are free and paid version. In this post, we share most popular free zombie shooting game. If we missed another zombie shooting games, yeah we did. Tell your favorite zombie shooting game, So that android user chooses the best zombie shooting game.Thanks for reading!

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