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Top 5 Best Free Password Manager Apps for Android

Password management is very hard recently. Because nowadays our daily life is going to internet based. Every internet user has minimum one more email address and other various online accounts also! As a result, they have many account password. It is very hard to remember all the passwords. Some peoples are using the same password for all online accounts. It is the danger to you. If your one account’s password leak; so your all accounts passwords are flashed! How danger this? So always use a hardy and unique password for several accounts.

I will share world’s best and awesome ways to manage your passwords by various best smart apps. These password storage applications give you a lot of options to safely keep every online account’s password. Here are top 5 best smart apps for safely saving your usernames/emails with the secret codes/passwords.

List of 5 Best Free Password Management Apps for Android

Here is the list of free 5 best application for saving/generating new, unique and strong password. Download any apps you have chosen. Also here is the available review of every app.

Download Password Manager Apps best free 5

NB: Please download all the apps from the from Google Play Store. Why download from Google Play Store? Because these apps are password related apps. As a result, you should install from the most secure source. Please don’t install such kinds of sensitive apps from unknown sources.

LastPass – is the most wonderful

First of all, we choose the LastPass application. Because it is very user-friendly and secure to save passwords. Hackers can’t see your passwords. Because LastPass is one of the most powerful password protection application ever!

LastPass Features:

Every time generating unique and strong passcodes.

Auto/manual syncing system and saving on secure online storage.

Username and password will be filling automatically.

4 levels password protections. Use the best protections ever!

Free for all devices such as Android smartphones and tablets even!

PasswordBox is my second choice.

The second best free and secure password manager app is PasswordBox. PasswordBox will serve you for safely storing your existing and new passcode. Password encryption and the unique strong password generating is very easy by using this app. It is impossible to forget your any password if you install these apps and properly use. More than one million peoples are download PasswordBox form the Google Play Store! Gorgeous apps. You should install this app.

Keeper- Always best ever!

Need a best password protector application? don’t worry about this. Keeper always keeps your password safe. I think keeper is the best always ever. Because almost every smartphone application specialists suggest this app for first. So download and install this app without tension. 4.5 is the rating on the play store of Google Android. Over than 1.5 thousand good reviews from the users. So tension free download. And, install without any other problems.

Why Dashlane is one of the gorgeous!

Encryption, pin code locks, auto fills username and passwords, Google/Yahoo/Facebook authentication login, schedule sync and custom sync with every new data instant backup and more. Always released the updated version of this app on the Android play store. As a result, very user-friendly and usable on any latest version of Android.

aWallet – Strongly recommended

What amazing apps this? If you download and use this application on your smartphones like Android or iPhone; you can be realized that- how much amazing features contains this smartphone application.

Main Features of aWallet:

Automatically creating/generating too many strong passwords.

Auto and manual both lock available.

If you have forgotten your user information; you can restore all the pieces of information.

World’s most wonderful secure password storage system

Bottom Line of Best Free 5 Password Manager Android Application

Above all the apps are very secure, fast, safe and excellent for storing online accounts passwords. Install the apps you have liked most and given a review of your experience for every each app. We have already said at the beginning of the post for download recommendation from Google Play Store. And, make stronger security. Please don’t forget to share your opinion by dropping a comment. Thanks every one.

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