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Best 4 Free Android Apps Developed by Google

The Google is the backbone of the Internet world! It has a lot of internet based products. Google has also developed some smart mobile applications. But there are 4 apps; who can change your idea about the department of Google’s smart mobile apps developing. Recently smartphone users are floating on an ocean of smart mobile Application. Trillion number of Android apps are available on the various APK sharing website. The best Android apps sharing website is Google Play Store. In the Play Store, more than 3.5 million apps are now stored for only the Android user. But all the apps are not beneficial for all. I will share Best 4 free Android apps developed by the Google. These apps must helpful for your daily life needs.

Best 4 Free Android Apps Developed by Google

Numerous smart mobile applications are developed for the Android. Android users are download these apps from the various app store in online or app installer apps. But The Google Play Store is the best n popular app store for Droid users among the app stores. Google’s awesome 4 best free apps are the order of the day.

Datally the awesome mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google

datally for save dataThere are more than 200 apps are stored in the play store for data monitoring on Android. But these apps do not work 100% correctly and unable to supply users’ needs. Such kind of app is developed by the Google LLC. The name of the app is Datally and it is for saving mobile data & WiFi. As a famous company in the world’s IT sector, The Google LLC is already released Datally on the Google Play Store. And already up to 5,500,000 downloads has been finished!!! Need MS office alternative? 5 Best office Apps your kind information.

Almost every Android users are suffering from the background data costing problem. We buy 200/500MB or GB from the data network supplier. Unfourtunently these data packages are finished by various apps. After eating all the megabytes then the apps are eating our mobile balance too. It does not stop when an end of the balance even! After recharge, it will always cut out data and money balance both. It only stopped after stopping the data connection only.

It’s the worst problem for the smartphone user basically the Android users. The Google LLC is produced Datally to resolve this problem in the easiest way.

Firstly this app is for handling your phone’s unnecessarily data eating monitoring or preventing data cost that’s not you want. Fixed your data plan for monthly, weekly or daily with a minimum and maximum limits.

Get an inspection report about what apps are using data connection and how much download costs. Imagine you have bought 500 Megabytes for only using the communication apps. But other data recovery apps or Android security apps, I mean any apps from your phone are finishing those data packages.

It is another biting pain for the smartphone users. To resolve this problem, Google decided that developing an app for controlling the phone’s full data option. Google starts the research and Datally is the result of their research to prevent the hidden data eating.

Datally is now free for use on any Android phone. But you should download the Datally app only from the Google Play Store.

Files Go App Developed by Google LLC For Free up space on your phone

download google apps files goThere is no lack of apps for File Manager. But users feel comfortable with using the default file manager on Android. In the default Android file manager, there is not unprecedented development has achieved. As a result, users are not dependable on the default file manager for advanced file management. They are searching best file manager on the web and download them. These apps are helped them to meet the needs of the mind! Basically, we download and install the Lenovo shareit for transferring files and apps between two phone or two cross platform’s devices. The Shareit is only can transfer 8 to 12Megabytes per second. It is not sufficient for the advanced user.

Recently The Google LLC released a file manager app named Files Go. After successfully checked the beta version Files Go, now Google released the full version of the Files Go App finally. Download Files Go App for send and receive all kinds of files from cross platforms too. The minimum speed is 100kbps to 120kbps!!!

Find My Device Application on Google LLC

Download Find My Device for AndroidIn the Play Store, there is large number of lost device finding applications uploaded by various apps developers. But Google’s Find My Device App is best reviewed and rated apps. You should quickly download Find My Device App for finding your lost phone easily. It is a most downloaded app on the official Android App Store.

It is recommended to download the updated version of Find My device app for making sure your lost device location.

The YouTube Apps

Review of YouTube App by Google LLCI think it is no need for introducing the YouTube App! It is one of the most popular video sharing, free video uploading and free video watching popular app ever. YouTube App is always a builtin app for every Android. But if you removed the YouTube app from the App manager, the Google Play offered you to download YouTube app official version APK. There is an online web version is also available for YouTube. See the differences between the YouTube App and the YouTube website.

What is better for video watching? Youtube App? or YouTube website?

We need YouTube in our Daily life for learning, earning and amusements. But what version is better for watching videos on YouTube? Android users are like most the YouTube app for their Android devices. Because it is a best smart app for streaming videos in various frequency rate and fastly mode.

You will get a video watching fantasy on YouTube app. But YouTube website is best for the desktop, laptop computers. There is no PC version YouTube is built yet

But App is better for the Android devices. In the App you can like, comment, share, dislike and report for a video. Also, share your own memorable moment’s video with your friends by uploading a video on the YouTube. Is possible with the App even.


These were our best 4 free smart apps reviews for the Google LLC. The Google has a lot of good featured Apps for Android. We think, all the apps of Google LLC is best ever. But some apps are more than good!! We try to give the best of bests always. So we listed here best 4 free Android apps by Google LLC.

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