Top 5 Best Free HD Video Player Apps for Android

The power of playing the High Definition video in a mobile phone is the main causes to the popularity of Android OS. Normally, in the multimedia mobile phone; there are not playing the High definition videos like MKV, DAT, high-quality MPEG 4 etc. But in the Android OS smartphone, every HD video will be played with the default Android video player. But in the default Android player, there is some lack of features. As a result, peoples are installing the other HD video player app form the Google play store.

Smartphone users are always smart! So they need to install HD video players on their Android mobile who has a lot of good features and user-friendly for the user. They need to play every single format’s videos. Here are the collections of my Android life’s best HD video players. And, they are totally free to install and watching videos.

Top 5 Best Free HD Video Player Apps for Android

On the Play store, some gorgeous HD players are available. But in the review, I listed the top gorgeous form the gorgeous list!

Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format for Android

Winner of the world’s best Android video player of the year of 2017. Award-winning video player for the Google Play Store authority. This video player has a private folder to protect your privacy from video watching. Lock your private videos on the hidden video folder.

Suppose recently you have seen a private video. After watching the video you have deleted the video from the memory. Now other players can’t delete from the video watching history.

But the Video Player All Format is excellent to remove the deleted video from the watching history! It will automatically remove the private videos from the watching history after deleting from the memory card.

There are a lot of awesome video playback features are increased its popularity. To install Video player all format now, if you have not installed the player yet!

MX Player – Comfortable for the watcher

MX player for HD Video

MX player is an essential application for most of the Android users. MX player is also known as MAX video player too. The developer of the MX player is J2 Interactive application developing team. This team has developed a numerous powerful application. And, the MX player is the most wonderful of the J2 Interactive.

Basically, MX is popular for its simple video controlling features. Seeking a video is more easy by MX player. Just touch on the display and seeking the video on right to forward and on left to backward. To know more information about the MX player app please visit this forum.

VLC for Android – Open Source is always best of best!

Open source VLC player

The VLC media player is available for the Android from the year of 2009, when the Android was released. VLC means Video Lan Corporation. It is a non-profit organization. So the VLC media player is always free for use!

Not a single penny need to use the VLC on Android or other devices. But VLC is failed to play the low-quality videos as finely. Such as a 3GP video. As a low-quality video format, it is not recommended to play a 3gp via VLC on Android. As an open source app, it has no premium version. Also, in the free version- is not showing the ads!

But every high-quality video is the wonder of playing on the VLC video player. The main features of VLC are the sound system. VLC can increase your video sound at 2x more! It is the wonderful features of VLC. Also the video watching and controlling interface is like the MX player.

KMPlayer – Mirror Mode playing and HD

KMPlayer editior's choice for Android

The KMPlayer is the stirring name in the world of HD video player. It free and the softy for use! Looking good user-friendly interface and smart video controlling options. It is already won the desktop users! Now The KMPlayer authority started the mission to win the Android user.

Video Player HD – A 4K Ultra HD video player for Android

Video Player HD 4K on Android

Enjoy the full features of a professional video player for free. It is generating all videos from your internal and external memory in a list. Play your required videos from the all video list. No need to find the folder of video to playing your required videos. It is a 4K ultra HD video player for your Android device.

Last of the Best 5 Free HD video player of Android

Best Smart Apps listed the best apps for playing HD video player and they are free to use. Without the VLC media player, other every app will show the ads on the free version. So in the last time, I recommend the VLC media player for your Android.

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