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Top 5 Best File Manager App for Android Smartphone

File Manager is another buzz word for the Smartphone users. In a smartphone, there are a lot of files in the internal storage and the external storage too. We need to clearly arrange the files and folders in the easiest way for quickly finding any files or folders. Here are the top 5 best file manager apps for Android Smartphones. Analyze our suggestions and choose your best!

Top 5 Best File Manager App for Android Smartphone

We choose the top and best 5 File Management Apps by the user rating/poll on the Best Smart Apps, even our best apps selector team was installed apps for a personal recommendation. Our ever team member is giving marks from 0 to 100 where 0 is low and 100 is highest. And, we also analyze the Play Store reviews and total downloads. After finishing a 72 hours examination; then we select the these 5 best File Manager Apps for Android. Probably this apps are best for you always.

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Manager

Easy, Simple and Secure to Manage any kinds of files strongly and freely with the worlds number #1 file management apps named ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer is mostly known as ES File Manager. But officially named as ES File Explorer. This app is wonderful for management every file like Photos, Audios, Videos, Docs, Applications, Text files and more other files to manage local storage (internal, external) also though the network connections.

File Manager by ZenUI, ASUS

file manager download

ZenUI and ASUS both are popular technological Inc. to developing many kinds of free tools and apps also they produce and marketing other high-quality electronic devices. By the way, During the last year, they both are announced for releasing an awesome File Manager Apps for Android. And, recently they released the apps! This app is luxurious for the advanced Android users. We highly recommend downloading this file manager app for your files security, safety, and parenting/arranging.

File Manager Plus Flashlight & Clock

file manager plus logo

A flashlight is the most important element for the Smartphone users. As a result, Flashlight + Clock upload Android apps on the Google Play Store for Managing your files with a useful flashlight and super beautiful clock too! This application has some excellent features for managing files in Android. A safe, secure, useful-helpful and fully free featured apps. Manage files locally (ROM and SD) and online free/rent server storage. File Manager Plus can explorer every file and needed actions like open in only one tap, a search bar option for searching required files, navebar for easily navigate every directory also long directory, moving folder to folder or internal to external with cloud storage moving, simple custom marks, All marks in one click for copy, cut/move or delete, Support rar files or zip files for unziping or zipping too, Theier a download folder for easily finding the downloaded files, bookmark or organize/short files/folders as Type/Date/Name or Category wise! Save or management applications RAW files also like APK files.

File Manager (File transfer) By Clean Master Team

download file manager by CM

Contains the full default featured options such as Move, Copy-Paste, Rename, Marks/All mark in one click and every option for easily handle andy files, images, movies, APK, screenshots, Audios and others. Need cloud file transfer? Gorgeous to sync every file for cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox or Sky drive. Every protocol upload and download support. Use FTP upload or LAN cloud simply. The Clean master team is one of the greatest and largest Android App developing the team in the smart apps developing the world. They release this file manager application for giving more simplicity for handling our Android Files more easily. More than 28 languages are supported including Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and more! So Download File Manager by Clean Master Team for Free!

Astro File Manager (File Explorer)- No Ads!

ASTRO premium file manager

Generally, Free version apps are viewing ads and earn money by your clicks. When you open the data connection and open an free version app, it will automatically download some ad code and images for properly viewing ads. As a result, free apps are very boring for using. But ASTRO File Manager is always premium! Because you can’t see a single ad within a single time forever! How amazing app this :)? Really awesome for free using. Also can enjoy every features and facility of above 4 best apps.

Download the best Android apps for free and easily manage your files. At the last paragraph of this best 5 free file manager apps docs, we want to say Thanks for visiting the Waiting for see you again.

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