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5 Best Call Block Apps for Android

Need instant block any call? Unwanted calls are very boring for every smartphone/cell phone user. Almost every people in our society- need to block various unnecessary phone calls. Some smartphone has a built-in option for blocking any mobile number for calls and SMS both. But some phone has not the blacklist option. As a result, Android/iOS user need a gorgeous smart application to make a blacklist to block unwanted calls. In this article, we have shared the 5 most wonderful and smart call block apps for Android.

These 5 best applications are beautiful for blacklisted any SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). And, anytime users can delete, edit and add numbers also! Almost every app has an awesome user interface and very handy to use for new adding, deleting or editing the blocklist. We select these call block apps from the rating of Google Play Store and even our expert team members are practically tested them. So download the or install call block apps from the list below. We think you will get a new experience after start using them.

NoteBook: Please download and install all/any of this apps from only the Google Play Store only. Because the Play Store is the most trusted source for installing apps for Androids.

List of 5 Best Call Block Apps for Android

If this list is useful for our visitors; This is the success of us! For helping our valuable visitors, we were tried our best. So please download and start using any of these and give us your experience/review in the comment section.

First of All: True caller – Caller ID & Block

True caller and Blocker app

We select the True Caller_Caller ID & Block application in the best of the best list. Because our Android apps analysis team management finds a lot of best features and useful elements in this apps. We think True Callar is the best call blocking for any version of Androids. For it’s easy, and handy UI, every member of our team suggest this app in the first of all! We emphasize that- after using you will agree with us.

Secondly: Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

sms blocking app

Yeah! another super best call blocking app for Android. Spam callers are very shameless and dangerous too. They disturbed almost everytime by calling, calling and calling. Sometimes they also give some malicious or spyware links via text messages. Mr. Number-Block calls & spam app is very smart to block or protect any unwanted call and text message also. As a result, this app is now one of the most installed and used call block apps in the world. We collect some information from the Google Play Store. According to the play store, more than 10million install has done by the people around the world.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is also great!

Download Calls Blacklist App

In the number of third Calls Blacklist_Call Blocker application. Block unknown calls and spamming no number calls even. Sometimes we get the ring by private numbers or no numbers. This is one kind spammy internet calls. As a result, we need to block these kinds of alphabet numbers by Calls Blacklist Apps. Features are very awesome. A user interface is like the Nokia 1100 model phone’s functions. So every people can use this app easily. Very popular collection by us!

Call Control – Call Blocker: One of the gorgeous!

Download Call Blocker apps for Android

Take a power of controlling every call for any mobile number all over the world. More than 9Million play store users are installed the Call Controler app on their Android OS device. If you want to block a country. Just add the country code as blacklisted and see the power of the Call_Control_Apps. Strong, trusted and handy apps. For its simplicity, it is gaining the popularity day by day. Download Shareit for free file transfer.

Lastly: CallApp – Caller ID & Block

app logo

A free call blocker app for Android user. The call blocker apps checker team has suggested this app in the position of five or last. But it is not a bad app. Also, it is a good app for blocking call and text messages even MMS. We set it at the position of five the list best call blocker. If you have an old version Android OS based smartphone- you can install it. Because it is very low weighty and simple to block calls. This app can’t slow down your phone and not eat a large space of your RAM. So very slippery.


The 5 best free call block apps are not choosing our own wish. This list is created by researching and inquiring within more than top 100 apps! If we did a mistake; please inform our team. Thanks visiting

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Call Block Apps

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